[Bf-committers] scons, Xcode, Make errors

Matthew H. Plough mplough at Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 1 04:33:00 CEST 2005

Your questions have already been answered. Look in the "Testing Builds" 
forum, at 
-- there's a Windows build from 7/24, a Linux build from today, 7/31, 
and an OS X build from 7/23. 

You don't seem to be making use of the resources available to you.  You 
could ask a question on #blendercoders, post a question (with enough 
supporting information to help people answer) in the "Coding Blender" 
forum at 
, or you could ask a similarly supported question here, in bf-committers. 

These tips are helpfully summarized in a more general form in "Posting 
and You" at http://www.linuxbench.org/Posting.html .  You may want to 
watch it.


zippy wrote:

> Anyone figure this stuff out yet ?
> Please Ton, can you post a newer cvs build ? Or  some sort of system  
> to get weekly builds? I would do them but I dont have enough time to  
> debug it all especially if no one replies to messages when testers  
> are asking for help.

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