[Bf-committers] OpenGL in troubles? Help!

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Fri Apr 29 13:55:57 CEST 2005

This is a actual study about the GPU manufractors:


As you can see Intel is very importent because they manufactoring a lot 
of integrated chipsets and sales on this way a lot of GPUs (strange, did 
not know anyone who use it).

Ton Roosendaal schrieb:
> Hi all,
> It might be coincidence... we attract many more new users, with of  
> course the average 'idiot rate' of confusing bug reports. Nevertheless,  
> it appears to me that proper OpenGL support by 3d cards only gets  
> worse. I completely lost track of all hints and tricks for driver  
> tweaking with ATI's for example. Another signal is that major consumer  
> brands (like S3) don't even continue to support OpenGL anymore.
> Also if you check websites from our Maya/Modo/XSI friends, you can find  
> serious OpenGL issues, tweaks, and excuses...
> Not even to mention each vendor has like a 100 different types, and  
> monthly changing driver upgrades!
> My proposal would be to prominently advertise on the Blender website  
> which 3d cards and drivers actually work, with a very clear purchasing  
> advise. And mention which cards clearly do not work... hopefully that  
> will help our users some, but also invoke actions from the vendors. The  
> Blender website gets google #1 rankings you know. :)
> We can post 3 lists:
> 1) Active supported hardware
> A list of 3d cards / OS combos as being used by our active developer  
> team, so you can expect as user it's being tested and supported
> 2) Best rated hardware
> A list of 3d cards / OS combos best rated on the "OpenGL database" on  
> blender.org
> 3) Worst rated hardware
> Also from the "OpenGL database"
> Anyone going to volunteer? Thanks! :)
> -Ton-
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