[Bf-committers] No 64 bits Blender in OSX.... :(

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Thu Apr 28 11:07:07 CEST 2005

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi Joeedh,
> You are confused dude. :)
> Blender had 64 bits versions for DEC Alpha (released), Irix & Solaris  
> (tested) already over 5 years ago. Internally we adopted the 
> so-called  LP-64 standard for type sizes:
> http://developer.apple.com/macosx/tiger/images/lp64compare.gif
> Which is luckily the standard now.
> In short; an int is always 4 bytes, a long is 4 or 8, depending  
> architecture. So for Blender you have to use a long for pointer 
> storage  and arithmetic.

That's what I meant.

I should really write. . .legible emails in the future :P


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