[Bf-committers] No 64 bits Blender in OSX.... :(

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Apr 28 10:26:47 CEST 2005

Hi Joeedh,

You are confused dude. :)
Blender had 64 bits versions for DEC Alpha (released), Irix & Solaris  
(tested) already over 5 years ago. Internally we adopted the so-called  
LP-64 standard for type sizes:
Which is luckily the standard now.

In short; an int is always 4 bytes, a long is 4 or 8, depending  
architecture. So for Blender you have to use a long for pointer storage  
and arithmetic.

On another nice sidenote; gcc4.0 has improved quality level of warning  
output some, and for compiling 64 bits it even gives an *error* when  
you try to put a pointer in an int. :)

For Trip: compiling of the blender source was impossible wherever it  
used include files from system libraries like quicktime, or carbon (for  
opening windows), or opengl... making it impossible to get anything  


On 28 Apr, 2005, at 5:43, joeedh wrote:

> joeedh wrote:
>> Chris Burt wrote:
>>> There is also a 64-bit version of Windows to be release very soon  
>>> (if not already) if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure someone could compile  
>>> a 64-bit version for that platform. Then Windows and Linux would be  
>>> frontrunner.
>> a note to zr: Manually putting variable sizes in subsurf_ccg is.  .  
>> ..bad.  should really use sizeof.  could mess up 64-bit compiles.
>> line 153 in tuhopuu, the _getSubSurf function.
> oops, trimmed out the rest of my email by accident, rewritten below.
> 64-bit systems have the advantage of registered (or whatever its  
> called) 64-bit integers, right?  but in C, integers are still 4 bytes,  
> and longs are 6 bytes?  So the only real issue is pointer sizes, which  
> I believe are larger.
> So the only thing that could break 64-bit compile is not using the  
> sizeof keyword, and storing pointers in non-pointer variables (like an  
> int).
> so Blender shouldn't have any problems, then.  just external  
> librarys--perhaps we should be concentrating a little on making sure  
> python and yafray--and SOLID--work under 64-bit systems.
> joeedh
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