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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Apr 27 14:35:48 CEST 2005


We certainly can make sure our drawing loops are clean, and don't waste  
any cpu cycles. If border-drawing did that wrong, the patch is OK. :)

Attempts to make Mesa3d work with Blender is a different topic however.  
We already have major issues even being compliant with current level of  
3d card drivers, I don't welcome attempts to make it even more  

 From reading other OpenGL based projects (all suffering similar issues  
like us!) I learned a potential good approach is to add a "OpenGL  
Profile" layer, inbetween the OpenGL API and the UI itself.

These "Profiles" can be hardcoded tweaks for all kinds of exceptions  
certain 3d cards or Workstations have... like an "Irix" profile, or  
"ATI Laptop" profile, and so on.

It might be the only way out of the non-compliancy issue we suffer  


On 27 Apr, 2005, at 2:39, Campbell Barton wrote:

> * Modify redraw loops only to redraw on mouse move
> This doesn't seem like a way to speed things up. And what about the  
> millions
> of hotkeys that Blender uses? I thought the dependency graph was going  
> to
> take care of this.
> -- Austin
>  In general you might be right, but in the case of resizing a window  
> boarder, or drawing the cross hair for bounding box select, It speeds  
> things up a great deal.
>  In software openGL my amd64 3500 took about 10 seconds to finish  
> drawing the resize boarder XOR, flickering line before it refreshed  
> the window.
>  Since its checking for mouse events anyway in the loop, I dont see  
> why it shouldent check to see if the mouse has moved in before it  
> bothers with a redraw.
>  It does speed things up a great deal, no flicker lag.
>  - My patch.
> https://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php? 
> func=detail&aid=2480&group_id=9&atid=127
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