[Bf-committers] Software OpenGL

Daniel Fairhead madprof at uk2.net
Tue Apr 26 21:23:03 CEST 2005

> I would say that if anyone goes to the trouble of doing this it should not
> be ifdefed but should be a click-able button in the gui.  Ifdef's would need
> recompiles to enable/disable and just means we would have more confusion
> about which binary should I download, and as you mentioned I think its
> useful to others so would be better to be a configurable thing via the user.

What about the speed issue? Won't all of those extra if clauses needed for a
toggle make it slower? And for unaccelerated and embedded systems, old machines
and iPaqs, and similar, we want as fast as possible, don't we?

Dan (forgive me if I am off on another planet again...)


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