[Bf-committers] Meeting Minutes April 25th 2005

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 19:26:16 CEST 2005

1) current todos for release targets
1a) SoftBody
*todo: baking, hidden edges, edge collision (latter not for this release)
*Ton will work on baking, will try compression of it
*Jens Ole Wund might try matrix solving to increase speed, also later...
*Emilie Brown will do CMS page (release ntoes) explaining usage based
on Jens Ole Wund notes

*Ton still has remove old transform code on his todo list
*Ton will experiment with a 'direct access mode' for widgets, single
click on manipulator will act like pressing g/r/s (no 'tweak')
*hotkey access is still an issue... and a menu for 'orientation' in header

1c)thread render
*Ton needs someone with dual processors on Windows to help with
testing.  Will require some commenting out of lines and compiling (Ton
will help the person), so preferably someone with coding experience.

1d) Python
*IanWill will code an enable/disable script links button,
implementation details to be discussed on mailing list
*IanWill will investigate adding an 'ONRENDER' scriptlink (ie for
generating geometry during render for things like hair), also to be
discussed on mailing list
*Ton will email his comments on the implementation of BPY_interface.c

1e) depgraph
*JLuc Peuriere will prepare a patch for Blender with oops code disabled
*Ton will review and commit
*On Tons todo list, but may not get to it this week.

1f) 64 bits
*Ton will be working on it and will do testing this week

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