[Bf-committers] Naming layer

zippy trip at spymac.com
Mon Apr 25 16:58:02 CEST 2005

This is a great example of naming layers and keeping it simple.

It is Modo, windows and mac users can get the test version at their 
site. But as for naming, it helps in massive ways of finding stuff and 
working with stuff. Plus in modos method there is a background button 
to set a layer as just a locked shaded out view of what ever layer your 
on, so you can see but not edit. I know blender has this already in the 
scene editor but this is a one click deal instead of multiclick.

Just passing on info of better faster work flow ideas.

On Apr 20, 2005, at 10:10 PM, Robert Wenzlaff (AB8TD) wrote:

> On Wednesday 20 April 2005 08:22, Johnny Matthews wrote:
>>> What I find funny is that since it has gone open-source, the 
>>> Foundation
>> seems
>>> to be aiming at creating a typical, marketable end-user tool for the
>>> masses (BF-Blender) opposed to a "thing that gets the job done" 
>>> (like NaN
>> Blender).
>> but a "thing that gets the job done" that has a non "marketable 
>> end-user
>> tool" look and feel ends up going the road of zweistein. Something 
>> that can
>> get the job done for sure, but looks like the UI was developed by 
>> people
>> who said this gets the job done, who cares if the cursor is a banana, 
>> at
>> least we are not selling out to marketability (either that or 
>> tripping on
>> acid)!
> The biggest enemy of developing software that works right, is often 
> having
> software that works "good enough".
> (Honest, the .sig was random....)
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