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zippy trip at spymac.com
Mon Apr 25 16:32:55 CEST 2005

I just built CVS and tested this file it works but you have to wait for  
the effect.

Now on a feedback note, why can the 3d view not show some sort of signs  
of the distance radius and other slider bar changes? The camera  
passepartout is a very good simple color feedback system for this kind  
of instant knowledge.

Other than that, it's cute. But a better work flow could be rendering  
out all channels of an image file like disfuse spec and alpha as a .psd  
and then postedit in photoshop or gimp.

Or work on Blenders seq editor as a basic post effects layer editor to  
go along with the multi layers image. Example: instead of setting the  
sliders and hitting render to see what happens the image could be  
rendered then the post effects options like gama zblur and other could  
happen in real time on the pre-rendered image, saving lots and lots of  
render and render and render again time

On Apr 23, 2005, at 5:04 PM, Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just committed it... people who like to quick play around, here's  
> a test file that shows it;
> http://www.blender.org/bf/dof-bf1.blend
> I repeat the CVS log here, for those without subscription to cvs mails:
> Log:
>   The zblur plugin (aka as DoF) integrated in render. Compared to patch
>   submitted by Alexander, changes/improvements are:
>   - Moved to new Panel in Scene buttons "Post Effects". Together with  
> other
>     postprocessing options, such as Edge render. It is also not called  
> DoF,
>     because that's a bit pretending too much. It's a zblur still!
>   - Made it render Alpha as well
>   - Made it use and deliver float buffers
>   - Huge cleanup of zblur.c code, was very messy. It was calling  
> things in render
>     code without need even (win matrices, transform faces, etc)
>   - Fixed errors in using Z values (zbuffer is signed int)
>   - Removed very weird gamma corrections for front/back half
>   - Tweaked gaussian table, allow variable 'Sigma' to be set for gauss  
> curve
>   - Didn't copy 'auto focus' yet. Use of this is very limited, and  
> gives
>     false expectations, nor works for rendering anims with deamons  
> well.
>   Main issue remains: it's not a very advanced feature... I still doubt
>   very much if this deserves to be released. Spent 2 days on trying to  
> get
>   the key issues solved, with not much results.
>   - gauss filter code has weird side effects on large blur size
>   - having unsharp (blurred) in front also blurs what's around in back.
>     only blurred in back with sharp in front works a little bit
>   - severe aliasing errors... also due the code splitting in 2 halves
>   - doesnt work with unified yet
>   - won't work for halos, spot halos or transparant faces
>   Anyhoo... It was promised to be committed, so now artists can play  
> with it.
>   Who knows it's useful after all, or some fixes can be implemented. :)
> -Ton-
> On 18 Apr, 2005, at 16:08, Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> Preliminary docs:
>> http://blender.instinctive.de/downloads/release/docs/dof.txt
>> Demo file:
>> http://blender.instinctive.de/downloads/demo_dof/dof-bf.blend.gz
>> In Frame 1, the sphere is focused, in Frame 2, the monkey is focused
>> (camera just points at different angles)
>> Demo AVIs:
>> http://blender.instinctive.de/downloads/demo_dof/
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