[Bf-committers] Meeting Minutes April 17th 2005

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 17:26:26 CEST 2005

1) current projects & release targets

*Ton will remove old transform and do some cleanup

1b)Dependency Graph
Currently it appears that it will be make the release deadline
*JLuc Peuriere will stabalize the code
*Ton will help with blender integration

1c) Softbody
*Ton will add the speed variable to the UI
*Jens Ole Wund will do further expirmenting on best way to handle colisions
*Ton may split out collision code from the Enji game engine (was in an
older Tuhopuu) to use for cloth collisions

1d) Developers Digest
*Tom Musgrove will finish and release it early this coming week

1e) 64 bit compatibility
*Ton may add 64 bit compatibility before the end of April

2) pending patches
*Those who currently have code that is in Tuhopuu that is ready for
mainstream Blender should MAKE PATCHES for bf-blender this week if
they would like to have the feature in the next release.

2a) Matts User Interface work
*Ton will discuss with Matt Ebb what should be moved over

2b) Andrea Weikerts memory leak patch
*Ton will apply

2c) Yafray compliant lamps
*Ton will look at and possibly apply

2d) DOF
*Alexander Ewering will submit a patch for and Ton will review and commit

3) Game Engine
*Ton will talk with Kester Maddockand Erwin on their plans for the game engine

4) Python
There is a new page for scripts information and discussion
Scripters please submit your scripts for inclusion in Blender
*Willian Padovani Germano will look at CGKit
*discussion and approval for new scripts is needed
*users please test out new scripts and give feedback on either the
mailing list or at the above wiki

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