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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Apr 20 13:47:52 CEST 2005


The Blender layer system uses bitmasks, meaning there is no single  
layer you can use to give it a name. If we like it or not, but it's  
being used (and useful) to define relationships between objects, like  
metaballs or do define which lamps give lights on what objects (lamp in  
layer 1,2,3, object in layer 3, scene showing layer 2+3).

There has been a discussion on extending layers in the past, especially  
on the functionality mailing list. My main issue is that people should  
come with real intelligent & well designed solutions, keeping the ease  
of use, and really extending it with compatible & future proof  

As for the instinctive layer manager; this implementation looks like  
the usual quick & easy hack, something probably Alexander can use  
perfectly, but not something that complies to a standard as I like to  
see it for Blender. A good system to manage relations/grouping or  
properties for your Objects in a Scene will be just more work,  
requiring in-depth understanding of the full range of Blender, a  
maximum integration level, also related to extending the project as  
started for the Outliner for example.

Sometimes I can seem like a show-stopping bitchy conservative here...  
:) I realize we need to find good ways to attract & involve new  
developers. But the times are also over to accept each code  
contribution only because it's a desired feature. We only run into  
troubles with that.
Don't forget that the parts that nicely work within a Blender  
architecture are the real strong aspects in Blender, working already  
for 10 years, and still future proof. This stability allows for quick  
hacks, which is OK for within a production environment (like  
instinctive blender), but not per definition fit for inclusion in  
official releases.


On 19 Apr, 2005, at 21:56, LECOCQ Guillaume wrote:

> Hello, I know all problem around UI, color wire, ..
> I have made a Panel release but I accidently erase my work and I don't
> arrive for moment to make Panel, Blender compile but when access to my
> little layer, Blender crashes.
> Dani on the french newsgroup say that the better solutions is on a
> floating Panel, so when we are on fullscreen we can access to layer
> option.
> If the layer manager is a think that people want, I can perhaps put
> the works of Alexander Ewering in the BF if he wants but with help. I
> look into his code, but I don't know all his modification are, only
> for layermanager.c and in the DNA and I'm a beginner, I take small
> project to learn, understand.
> 2005/4/19, Tom M <letterrip at gmail.com>:
>> Ted,
>> actually I think intrr is refering to a question I asked on IRC after
>> Sundays meeting, and not to put words in Tons mouth, but he did seem
>> disinterested in having it ported (don't recall specifics, which is
>> why I take notes for the actual meeting minutes :) ), but perhaps it
>> was in reference to the mailing list conversation you just summarized
>> though.
>> LetterRip
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