[Bf-committers] Blender Plugins

Renato Perini rperini at email.it
Tue Apr 19 11:53:29 CEST 2005

 From what I know, Simon Harvey is working to something like this.
An anrchitecture to load plugings at runtime, ala 3D Studio Max.
You should contact him for more details to avoid duplicated works.

Owen Jancowski-Walsh ha scritto:

>Hello developers!
>I am interested in getting involved in Blender development and am
>looking for a place to fit in.  I have limited experience coding, but
>am not a complete newbie.
>Has anyone started working on a more complete plugin system for
>Blender yet? I haven't seen any formal reference to anything anywhere.
> I think this is something worth pursuing, as it would make it much
>easier for people to contribute to Blender in the future. I understand
>there is a good set of Python API already, but for something more
>intensive like new shaders, textures, renderers, etc, this would be a
>very important means of extending Blender (I know that a mechanism
>already exists for new textures, but I mean a more complete set of
>Of course, tackling something like this would require a extensive
>understanding of the underlying architecture.  A point I am nowhere
>near yet, hence my hope to help out someone who has considered a
>design already.
>If not, then perhaps there is another area where someone could feed me
>some small coding projects to work on.  Any ideas?
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