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What kind of things would this allow Blender to do, if integrated?

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

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>> The Khronos Group
>> News Release
>> ....
>> Khronos Group Launches OpenML Open Source SDK
>> New Member Skymicro and other Khronos Members demonstrate OpenML on  
>> shipping products at NAB April 18-21 at the Las Vegas Convention  Center
>> National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Las Vegas  April 18, 2005
>>  The Khronos Group today announced that its implementation of the  
>> OpenML® API is to be made available as open source on Sourceforge. 
>> The  OpenML specification provides software and hardware developers 
>> with a  professional-grade, cross- platform, standardized media 
>> framework for  the capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing 
>> of digital media  content - including video, audio and 3D graphics - 
>> for authoring and  content creation systems. The open source SDK is 
>> based largely on  SGI's implementation of dmSDK and contains: 
>> libraries and utilities to  enable OpenML applications to run on 
>> Linux, IRIX® and Windows systems;  source and header files for the 
>> libraries to enable new OpenML  applications to be built; source code 
>> for example OpenML applications  and audio and video device modules 
>> and full documentation. The source  is expected to available on 
>> Sourceforge within two weeks under a  derivative of the SGI FreeB 
>> license which permits full commercial use  of the code for building 
>> commercial applications.
>>  Khronos is also pleased to announce that Skymicro, a leading  
>> manufacturer of digital video equipment for the TV industry, has  
>> joined the Khronos Group as a Contributing member in order to  
>> participate in the ongoing evolution of the OpenML API. Skymicro 
>> will  be demonstrating on booth #SL3761 an OpenML application that 
>> records  and plays uncompressed video through a Merlin board. 
>> www.skymicro.com
>>  "The ground-breaking technology of SGI's dmSDK is not only a key  
>> component of the OpenML standard - but is now available as part of 
>> the  OpenML open source as a significant enabler to many companies 
>> creating  media creation tools and platforms," said Neil Trevett, 
>> president of  the Khronos Group and senior vice president of market 
>> development at  3Dlabs. "Khronos believes that open source is the 
>> most effective  vehicle to drive the continued adoption of OpenML as 
>> it will foster a  community of developers that can work together to 
>> extend platform and  device support for the good of the industry."
>> "SGI is delighted to see the accelerating deployment of OpenML-based  
>> systems," said Frank Bernard, OpenML working group chair and 
>> technical  lead at SGI. "As the creator of OpenGL, and the first 
>> implementer of  OpenML, SGI is firmly committed to the development of 
>> open standards.  When fragmented, proprietary APIs are replaced by 
>> broadly supported  industry standards, customers will be the ultimate 
>> winners."
>> "The OpenML SDK brought to the open source community is another  
>> exciting step forward that will build momentum behind the standard 
>> and  benefit all manufacturers of graphics and video applications" 
>> explains  Jean-Luc Dery, product development manager at Autodesk 
>> MED/Discreet.  "Whether working on a video or film production, 
>> developing a game, or  simply streaming multimedia content, creators 
>> and their end users will  benefit alike from the SDK which provides a 
>> more coherent way to  orchestrate multiple media applications and 
>> hardware peripherals."
>> Khronos OpenML Working Group Members invite you to view 
>> demonstrations  of shipping products running OpenML technology on 
>> their booths at NAB
>>  Autodesk MED/Discreet will be demonstrating its award winning 
>> flame®  special effects system and smoke DI editing/finishing system 
>> on stand  SL1920. Both products use the IRIX OpenML SDK and will be 
>> demonstrated  on the SGI Tezro platform with the Dmedia Pro video I/O 
>> option.
>>  DVS is demonstrating on booth #SL1260 OpenML on CLIPSTER®, the  
>> one-stop DI system, demonstrating real-time editing, conforming,  
>> finishing and color correction. Being a one-stop solution in the 
>> post  production area includes having an open system and thus to 
>> provide the  capability for our customers to use 3rd party 
>> applications whenever  they like. With the support of OpenML we make 
>> the doors wide for  CLIPSTER® to be a platform for multiple 
>> applications thereby enhancing  the creative possibilities of every 
>> user.
>> SGI will be demonstrating on booth #SL1943 how Open ML is used to  
>> support playback of nominal 4K film and video images in real-time.  
>> Four DM3 cards each output a full resolution 1920x1080 image, which  
>> are input to the Sony 4K SXRD projector where they are composited to 
>> a  3840x2160 frame.
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