[Bf-committers] Meeting Minutes April 10th, 2005

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 15:36:28 CEST 2005

Meeting Minutes April 10th

1a) current projects: transform()
* transform work is largely done, Martin Poirier is in bugfix mode and
wiil finish organizing the .h files and a bit more interface work.
* Martin will help Jean-Luc integrate the new dependency graph code
into transform.

1b) current projects: softbodies
* Jens Ole Wund will further examine possible collision methods.
* Jens Ole Wund will do code to determine which vert positions should be
saved when doing caching of softbody data.  Lastly Jens Ole Wund is
examining how softbodies User Interface should be done and integrated
with the NLA.

1c) current projects: subsurf
much congratulations to Daniel Dunbar, as Martin Poirier says it
should come with "warning, new subsurf speed might makes you wet your
pants."  Now it is mostly bug fixes

1d) current projects: dependency graph
after much anticipation a patch has been released.
* Will be evaluated over next week to determine if it can be ready in
time for the next release.
* As noted above Martin Poirier will help with integration into transform code.

2a) patches: minnaert shader
* will be switched to a single slider with range 0-2, 0-1 is standard
behavior and 1-2 is the variation.

2b) patches: tracker
* Stephen Swaney  is evaluating the python patches
* Ton will evaluate Matt Ebbs sequencer patch - Cut at current frame
* Martin Poirier will update and apply the patch by J. Carlos Muro
that does Local/Global/3d-Cursor display

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