[Bf-committers] MB2 constraints (Re: Re: Re: Re: MBall transform & Displist problems)

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Thu Apr 14 17:40:25 CEST 2005

theeth at yahoo.com (2005-04-12 at 1906.21 -0700):
> Been thinking of cancel the constraint with MMB click
> if one is already there lately. Sounds like a good
> idea to me (in line with old transform too).

What about the idea of mini axis around mouse cursor, a la pie
menu. Still under study or discarded?

- For those that do not heard about it:

MB2 click makes the widget appear, big size one:


Releasing near where it was clicked makes it go away without
activating any constraint. Area has to be small enough for not causing
muscle stress, but big enough to allow minimal shake.

Releasing over one of the axis activates constraint in that axis,
leaving a small version of the widget while the mouse moves freely
over the screen and the object follow as per the constraint allows:


Moving to any other place and clicking makes the widget appear in full
again, showing what constraints are active with different shading,
around the new position:


Releasing in the center keeps active constraints. Releasing over one
of the axis toggles that axis so removal of contraints or two axis
contraints can be performed.

- Notes:

Colours have to be in theme system, so people do not have visibility
issues due background. Or control of intensity at least.

When the constraint is towards camera * it does not make much sense as
you can not move the mouse in or out the screen. It could be based in
how much the mouse has moved, tho. In any case, the widget could be:


- Interesting derived features:

More clear than <=2.36 method as it has visual clues, so no more
complains due being unable to predict what contraint will be

It can be controled mostly anywhere, no need to move the mouse towards
initial area to toggle constraints.

Always visible as it is around cursor, not around object center.

Small clue, non disturbing, no extra lines required into work subject.

Not necesarily over the work subject (object, vertices...) but
possible, depends where the user starts the operations. Fits people
that like cursor and extras over work and those that prefer them far

Allows going from two axis to no constraint by activating the third
(this would be a special case, as it would make the tiny version
disappear, and new clicks will start from zero). Or disabling one by
one, whatever user wants.

Compatible with key modificators for doing local (or view *)
contraints, as single operation uses button only, leaving the mods

* Does view based exist? Other than when you use an object as camera
and operate, which seems to have no need for widgets, just a toggle
between two modes and already working fine. Anyway, I did the mockup
if it is ever required, and that part can always be rethough based in


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