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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Apr 13 11:17:27 CEST 2005

Hi Matt,

> One problem though, is that the circle 'stiffness' manipulator should  
> work consistently with the other manipulators, with a click-drag and  
> not with the 'selection' method it has currently.
> As far as I can tell, the manipulator is representing an abstract  
> concept - the 'Stiffness' number. It's not a discrete object or  
> sub-object, so having it selectable is confusing and a bit against the  
> idea of "select an object -> choose from a range of tools to operate  
> on it".

What Jiri introduced is a way to visualize the two important aspects  
that define how large a MBall displays.
1) the inner circle = actual size, based on 'stiffness' parameter
2) the outer circle = maximum size, based on maximum area of influence

The 'size' of a MBall is defined by these two parameters together.  
Previously we only were drawing the 'influence' area, which indeed can  
be scaled indefinitely. The 'actual size' (stiffness) is maximum the  
size of the influence area.

The choice for making the inner and outer circle selectable, and have a  
single Scale operation on this I find very correct, clear immediately,  
and a real enhancement. Visually the scaling you do really gets  
perceived as a scaling anyway, plus it allows to use the Manipulator  
for it.

By introducing a new hotkey/tool for it you'll lose the simplicity as  
it currently is.

Main disadvantage is that 'stiffness' has no X/Y/Z component, and that  
the current axis-only scaling doesn't reflect yet in the drawing of  
circles.  Just needs some little tweaks...


> For example, it doesn't mean anything to select the circle, then press  
> G to move or R to rotate. Because I have the circle selected, I expect  
> it to be operate on what's selected, and do something different to  
> when I have the normal metaball selected, but it doesn't.
> Additional to this, having the stiffness transform steal the meaning  
> of the S key is not good. S should always mean scale - adding little  
> 'modes' makes it hard to keep track of what's going on. It's also  
> confusing because the headerprint still displays the changing Size X,  
> Size Y, Size Z values (but this is not what is being changed). It  
> would be much better to add a separate hotkey (like Alt S) to directly  
> enter the 'Stiffness transform' tool, then you don't have to worry at  
> all about remembering different abstract selections and modes, and it  
> would also integrate nicely with menus etc.
> And a tiny note: you forgot to redraw the edit buttons after  
> transforming with the manipulators :)
> Anyway, other than this, it's really nice work! I hope to see more  
> types of data editable like this.
> Cheers
> Matt
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