[Bf-committers] Blender in IPAQ

Jiri Hnidek jiri.hnidek at vslib.cz
Thu Apr 7 20:44:31 CEST 2005

I guess, that you can solve all your problems very easily. Install Linux 
at your new PDA! ;-) Some useful link:


It is linux distribution for iPAQ supported by Compaq/HP.

Best regards


> Hi, I just got an IPAQ off ebay, hp 5550...
>  From memory, the previous posts about blender on ipaq were about the 
> game engine.
> Im not too fussed on the game engine, so I was wondering if anyone knows 
> weather the Current CVS Blender would compile on an IPAQ.
> Without Quicktime, Freetype etc.
> Im interested in using it for Blender/Python Dev while Im on planes, in 
> Hotels etc.
> - Cheers.
> - Cam

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