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Salvatore Russo salvatore.russo at laposte.net
Wed Apr 6 16:58:18 CEST 2005

I posted a few mouth ago something about that subject... 
I started to deeply look for porting blender on ipaq, I also asked Ton and Maarten Gribnau. And I received lot of advices and help! 
I also posted in a forum (from www.blender.org) all these information to share that with everyone. But today, only the forum on ElYsiun is available. Maybe there is a solution to find this post
The result of all the discussion was that we have first to port Ghost on Pocketpc, then to go ahead. 
I started this porting with Visual C++ embedded and I was using for opengl, not opengl ES (implementation open source = http://ogl-es.sourceforge.net/), but klimt http://studierstube.org/klimt/ because it was easier for me to compile Ghost with Klimt. 
After having compiled Ghost successfully (with some minor changes), I tested it and of course, it was really not working :=) Given that, these last time, I really had no time anymore, I couldn’t make it work quickly. I am new in all this stuff and before really making Ghost running, I will need time to learn all basic stuff about pocketpc. Alone, it seems to be maybe not impossible but very difficult :=) 
I hope this information will help you, 

Here some answer from Ton: 
I am no expert *at all* on project files. But I can assure you there'll 
be a lot of other problems you have to survive for a port; 
- You will have to develop a full port for the GHost library. That not 
only means a lot of new code, but also sufficient experience with C++ 
and low level MS Windows CE coding. 
- You will need a full functional OpenGL library for the mobile. It is 
very likely not all used opengl commands are supported (with any useful 
speed or at all). 
- support for float or double is very poor on mobiles. For that reason 
the engine code itself is very unlikely to be running in any reliable 
- Since the last iPAQ port Blender has incorporated a lot of 
workstation/pc specific features, ranging from audio libraries to 
Freetype font support. 
The previous port on iPAQ was done succesfully mainly because the 
developer (Daniel Dunbar) had a full understanding of how Blender 
works, coded his own opengl (from scratch!), coded this with fixed 
point (no floats) math, and coded his own glut stuff. And last but not 
least; used the Blender 2.04 code base which was much more portable and 
free of C++. 
I don't want to discourage you... or no, maybe I better *do* :) ! Such 
a project is a major challenge, only to be done succesfully when you 
have lotsof time and full understanding already of the full range of 
problems you'll encounter. 

An answer to my email below: 
I think your list is pretty much complete. If I were you I wouldn't 
remove Radiosity and probably Yafray though, these two modules have 
many dependenciesin Blender itself and the render module, and most 
likely won't hurt compiling on pocketpc. 
-> bmfont you need for bitmap fonts, leave it in 
-> leave libpng in too, won't hurt 
-> Opennl is for UV unwrapping. Can be left out, but probably will 
compile fine 
-> just remove all audio dependencies, openal and sdl too 
-> VFWindows I don't know... 
On 30 Nov, 2004, at 10:46, Salvatore Russo wrote: 
> Hello All, 
> Yesterday, I studied the structure of the Blender Code. I read the 
> article from Ton 
> (http://www.blender3d.org/cms/blender_Architecture.336.0.html). It 
> helped me a lot. 
> I have to begin with the minimum. To start, I will try to have Blender 
> without sound, without game engine, without international fonts. I 
> will also avoid the use of external libraries. 
> Thus, here is the list of all source directories that I will NOT 
> include (before I have a minimum result): 
> *soundsystem 
> *gameengine 
> *radiosity 
> *yafray 
> *Blender/quicktime 
> *moto, ode, qhull, solid 
> *gettext 
> *freetype 
> *ftgl 
> *bmfont (??? can I really not use it?) 
> In the external libraries, I will NOT use: 
> *zlib 
> *libpng 
> *quicktime 
> *openal (for sound, no?? So I can not use it) 
> *sdl (for sound to?? Can I really not use it?) 
> *opennl???? Do I have to use it at the beginning? Or is it also for 
> sound?? 
> And what about VFWindows? What is that? Do I have to find it for 
> Pocketpc? 
> Are there maybe other source directories that I can exclude? Or do I 
> do some error in this list with directories indispensible??? 
> Thanks for your help, 
> Salvatore 

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