[Bf-committers] Meeting summary April 03 2005

Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 01:13:48 CEST 2005

Just a little question - who's working on thread render? Should that
seriously be considered for the next release? I doubt it could be written in
two weeks.

-- Austin
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0) We are now at B-Con3 (release scheduling), the current targets for
release include
- Transform + manipulators
- softbodies
- thread render
- new subsurf
- + various Tuhopuu3 stuff, still to be decided on.

1a) current projects: transform
-Martin will add a toggle option for PET connected mode, restore
creasing, and add an animate flag for transforms
-Ton will clean up code from manipulator experiments, spilt out the
transdata conversions, kill the old transform code, and possibly add
an ipo curve method for PET
-Jiri will fix scale transform for metaballs/meta-elements

1b) current projects: softbody
softbody has been integrated into the main tree
-Jens Ole will create blends showing common usage scenarios and better
explain usage of the parameters
-Ton will add copy softbody settings to ctrl+c menu

1c) current projects: CCG surf
Daniel needs bug reports on any differences (asside from creasing) from
old subsurf
-Daniel will convert object mode to CCG surf (much more memory
efficient), add vertex normals to CCG subsurf, and after the above will drop
old subsurf and then do code cleanup
-Daniel will also write a tech note for the wiki explaining the new code

1d) current projects: dependency graph
-Jean-Luc finally has free time to work on it again and will have a
basic patch ready Monday, and put his planned API on the wiki
-Ton will write a 'fake API' for what will be needed by transform code
to utilize dep graph.

2) Release Targets

Coders who have code that is in t3 that is stable, mature and that
should be considered for the bf-blender release should submit a patch
for bf-blender.
Some possible items are:
-ward and minart shaders
-Jens Oles painting tool enhancements
-select tris/quads

CVS freeze for testing (BCon 4) is likely in 2-3 weeks so coders
please get your patches into shape and submit them.

Python scripters - document your scripts (see the scripts bundled with
CVS for how to properly do the docstrings), create a page in wiki with
screen shots and explanations, and submit the script to
http://projects.blender.org/pipermail/bf-scripts-dev/ so that your
script can considered for bundling with Blender.

New judges for the Blender splash screen are being chosen by the
previous judges.

3) Patches/Tracker
-Minnaert shader should be changed so that user can choose either the
standard Minnaert shader or a variant, to be called 'minnaert-B'.
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