[Bf-committers] Sequence editor strip cut patch

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Apr 5 11:12:05 CEST 2005


I know sequence code, so can check on fithess :)
We should sit together on other interesting T3 stuff you did as well!


On 5 Apr, 2005, at 9:15, Matt Ebb wrote:

> Following the call for patches from tuhopuu, here's one that's been in  
> both T2 and T3 for a long time now - Cut at current frame. It cuts all  
> selected sequence strips in two, on the current frame.
> There's a video demonstration here:  
> http://mke3.net/blender/etc/seq_cut.mp4 .
> Nobody has reported any problems with this in tuhopuu, but it would be  
> great if someone who deeply understands this area of the code to check  
> it out.
> The patch is in the tracker, here:
> http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php? 
> func=detail&aid=2403&group_id=9&atid=127
> Cheers,
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