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Tue Apr 5 10:48:31 CEST 2005


>> 3) Patches/Tracker
>> -Minnaert shader should be changed so that user can choose either the
>> standard Minnaert shader or a variant, to be called 'minnaert-B
> Uh, this would be *really* overcomplicating the issue. Minnaert is  
> such a specific usage shader already, having two variants that are  
> only marginally different would be overkill. I second Jorge's  
> suggestion in the dialogue he's started on the tuhopuu-devel mailing  
> list (  
> http://projects.blender.org/pipermail/tuhopuu-devel/2005-April/ 
> 001277.html ) - just keep the current nice, simple and usable  
> implementation as is, and rename it to something like "velvet/satin"  
> or whatever, so pedants don't get offended that it's not the 'real'  
> Minnaert formula. To most users, the end visual appearance is what's  
> important.

We did some paper searching on the issue during the meeting, and the  
name "Minnaert" shader was also (ab)used by NVidia, making a variant  
(nicked Minnaert-B by some) that gives substantial different results.  
To prevent having a menu with too many confusing choices, it was  
decided to make that a sub-option for Minnaert itself.

Check this, it's very different;

Needs to be verified though, who knows this person made an error. ;)


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