Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Tue Apr 5 07:30:03 CEST 2005

On 5 Apr 2005, at 4:31 AM, Tom M wrote:

> 1b) current projects: softbody
> softbody has been integrated into the main tree
> -Jens Ole will create blends showing common usage scenarios and better
> explain usage of the parameters

Python access to the number fields here would be great - it would be a  
perfect application of the presets menu system I've got in tuhopuu3. A  
menu containing common, saveable settings like "Cotton", "Leather",  
"Jelly", "Rubber", or whatever would be so much more convenient than  
trying to understand variables in physics formulas every time :)

> 3) Patches/Tracker
> -Minnaert shader should be changed so that user can choose either the
> standard Minnaert shader or a variant, to be called 'minnaert-B

Uh, this would be *really* overcomplicating the issue. Minnaert is such  
a specific usage shader already, having two variants that are only  
marginally different would be overkill. I second Jorge's suggestion in  
the dialogue he's started on the tuhopuu-devel mailing list (  
001277.html ) - just keep the current nice, simple and usable  
implementation as is, and rename it to something like "velvet/satin" or  
whatever, so pedants don't get offended that it's not the 'real'  
Minnaert formula. To most users, the end visual appearance is what's  


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