[Bf-committers] ActiveX

Tamas Konkoly tcc_inq at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 4 03:08:40 CEST 2005


I wrote an ActiveX bugreport (2330) to blender bugtracker about 2 weeks ago.
Now I finished the ActiveX bugfixing.
I can compile the blender and ActiveX (GP_axctl) with VC6.0sp5, and it works everything well, I think.
I tested with some blend files.

I also tried to compile with VSnet7.1 . I can compile the blender with it, but it is buggy, the playing mode is not work yet.

But before I share the changed files, I have a problem which I don't want (I have no time) to check.
Because the VC6.0 (and the VSnet7.1!) cannot compile good, I had to change the all dynamic_cast.

There are about 15 dynamic_cast in the blender sources. And I had to change them to implicit cast,
because most of them made crash.
For example:
original:    a *b = dynamic_cast<a *>c;
changed:  a *b = (a *)c;

And It is possible that the changing also makes other problems. If I cast a parent class to a child class and
if the child class contains more variables and so it is bigger, it is possible that it makes memory writing out of range.
I would like to receive information, that the changing is correct or not. Please check them.

Best regards,

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