[Bf-committers] Softbody revisited :)

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 19:39:46 CEST 2005

Regarding the 'prerolling' - running the simulation in advance instead
of being able to set the values directly has a few disadvantages

1) lack of control - the value of setting the velocities directly is
that it can be set up exactly how you want it.  With doing simulation
in advance you have to basically predict the series of changes in
velocities needed to get to the state you desire.  Also changing
values directly allows faster and easier tweaking.

2) simulation time - to get into the desired state via simulation
might take significant calculation.  Also you won't know the actual
results until you do the very small time steps for the entire preroll.

As to ease of set up - select the object and define direction and
speed.  (An arrow can be used to represent this, the larger the arrow,
the greater the speed).  Then select verts and define their relative
velocity and speed (again an arrow, with size representing relative

This would seem to me fairly direct method of specifying your preroll
velocities, and would be fairly artist friendly.

An alternative method might be using vertex paint where the colors
define initial velocity relative to objects base vector.


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