[Bf-committers] Security Fix

Philipp Gühring blender at futureware.at
Mon Sep 27 13:53:57 CEST 2004


The previous patch solved only half of the problem (only affected the still 
images, not the movies).

> Although it's not the most elegant of all solutions, I can imagine this
> solves issues for now. More users have requested commandline access to
> enforce the output file name.

If anyone finds a compatible and more elegant solution, I don´t have anything 
against it.

> I'd appreciate if you include comments at the global var, where it's
> exported to and/or comes from... we've just got too many globals
> already. :)

Ok. Done.

> The patch also comes in with linebreaks in the mail... dunno if the
> 'patch' unix command handles that correct? I'm always very hesitant
> just applying patches to my code.

Here is the updated patch as attachment. Just tell me if there are still 
problems with it.

Many greetings,
Philipp Gühring
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