[Bf-committers] Individual Faces extrude

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 27 03:23:31 CEST 2004

Campbell Barton wrote:

> Hi joeedh, your probably aware of this but I thaught mabe  I should 
> comment.
> Extruding allong the face normal is not always desired, with your 
> patch its difficuled not to.
> solution,
> 1) Extrude, then execute and grab.
> 2) Extrude, then use the tab keys for numeric input
I believe the idea is to click (cancel the normal grab), then 
grab/rot/scale normally.  Also, the extrusion is done along the vertices 
still--no one has implemented a TransFace as yet--so the vertex normals 
has to be modified for this to work (for both the normal extrusion and 
my individual patch).

> Mabe the best solution would be to have Ekey a hot key while in 
> extrude mode-
> E could toggle extruding allong normals.

This would work, so long as the normals weren't recalculated (which they 
arn't, so long as you don't leave editmode [I think]).  Remember that 
vertex normals are the average of their surrounding face normals, so if 
they get recalculated. . .

> Also your patch makes hitting X/Y/Z usless while in normal mode, 
> mabythey could be implimented in a normal relative way, tho I dont 
> know how best to define the point of rotation about the normal (X/Y-  
> Assuming Z is allong the normal)

Talk to whoever wrote the normal grabbing mode--I merely slightly 
modified it to work with individual faces extrude.  On the other hand, 
it's possible it could do that the way it was before.

> It would be nice if Rotating directly after an extrude would rotate 
> about the normal- (R then could switch between normal & view-matrix)

No idea how to do that.


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