[Bf-committers] Individual Faces extrude

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Mon Sep 27 01:12:00 CEST 2004

Hi joeedh, your probably aware of this but I thaught mabe  I should comment.

Extruding allong the face normal is not always desired, with your patch 
its difficuled not to.
1) Extrude, then execute and grab.
2) Extrude, then use the tab keys for numeric input

Mabe the best solution would be to have Ekey a hot key while in extrude 
E could toggle extruding allong normals.

Also your patch makes hitting X/Y/Z usless while in normal mode, 
mabythey could be implimented in a normal relative way, tho I dont know 
how best to define the point of rotation about the normal (X/Y-  
Assuming Z is allong the normal)

It would be nice if Rotating directly after an extrude would rotate 
about the normal- (R then could switch between normal & view-matrix)

- Cam

joeedh wrote:

> Nathan Letwory wrote:
>> I still get the same type of problem: your new extrudeflag function gets
>> inserted inside another function, thus creating interesting compile
>> errors.
>> /Nathan
> Hm.  Fix it by hand, I guess.  I did a CVS update first, so I don't 
> know what else to do.  It might just be your sources. . .I have no idea.
> joeedh
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