[Bf-committers] uv's in edit mode

William Reynish wreynish at yahoo.dk
Sun Sep 26 19:39:21 CEST 2004

I wouldn't recommend megringing UV/Face Select (should
probably be renamed to UV Mode) mode with Edit Mode
face mode. 

1, There are a lot of conflicts in functionality, as
you point out

2, It will be clumsy to communicate the UV
functionality that opens up when enterig face
selection mode

3, Having UV Mode sepperated from Edit Mode adds
clarity, and communicates well that there are
different functions in play.

>Hey all,
>I think everyone can agree UV Face Select Mode should
>be merged into 
>renewed Edit Mode (if no functionality is lost). I
>don't mind doing 
>coding to convert the UV Editor and UV Face Select
>Mode functionality 
>Edit Mode.
>The UV Editor and UV Mapping would work in all three
>Selections for faces are always valid, so this
>shouldn't be a problem.
>There are, however, conflicts. Edit Mode is crowded
>as is, and adding
>more will not make this any better.
>- Hotkey conflicts: I could find three of them: U for
>unwrap, Shift+K
>for clearing vertex colors, and R for rotating uv's.
>I would propose
>shift+U for unwrap (or U, with shift+U for 'reload
>original data').
>Either way, 'unwrap' should be quickly accessible.
>The other two could
>be put in some (popup-)menu?
>- There will also be 2 more panels in the Editing
>Buttons while in Edit
>Mode (Texture Face and UV Calculation). Maybe a >new
>Buttons' context should be created. The 3d view
>header menu's will also
>get some extra entries. The Mesh menu is already
>huge, and the 3d view
>header has also gotten quite long with the new
sub->modes (especially on
>the 1024x768 resolution I've got here).
>- In UV Face Select Mode there is an Active Face.
>There is no such 
>in Edit Mode. Having an Active Face when modeling
>seems confusing to 
>I couldn't immediately think of an alternative for
>the colored edges to
>see the relation with the face in the UV Editor. Also
>for copying
>Texture Face data, working with 'Active' >and
'Selected' seems to be the
>most consistent with the way Blender works now.
>AFAIK, colored edges 
>copying would be the only reason to keep the Active
>- Another problem is that the painting modes (Vertex
>and Texture, don't
>know about Weight) would need to be merged in too,
>because they can be
>combined with UV Face Select Mode to only paint in
>the selected faces.
>I'm not familiar with the paint code though.
>Any suggestions?
>I'll probably talk to Ton on IRC about this >further
... Just did some
>thinking in advance :).

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