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Johannes Langlotz johannes.langlotz at gmx.de
Sun Sep 26 03:23:34 CEST 2004


i know, this list is NOT for mails like this, but since many coders are 
working on the mesh code right now i do it even though.

a onMouseOver highlighting feature for the mesh edit mode would be nice! 
when i click on a face of a complex mesh i often catch the wrong face! 
if the face/edge/vertice which i would select would be highlighted it 
would be much easier!

fgons: i think the fgons-feature should just toggle global for the whole 
mesh! every coplanar faces of a mesh should be "converted" to a fgon. 
just like it is in the object mode now. at the moment it is possible to 
make a fgon of two (or more) coplanar faces. but i can edit all points 
and this makes the fgon un-coplanar.

if i select all faces round about a cylinder

and when I extrude them happens this

this should happen of course


Ton Roosendaal schrieb:
> Hi,
> For everyone, I advise to check each line in release notes. :)
> Check the section "Todo" here:
> http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Mesh_editing_rewrite.425.0.html
> -Ton-
> On Friday, Sep 24, 2004, at 14:56 Europe/Amsterdam, Alexander Ewering  
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> first, congratulations on the great refactoring and all the additions
>> to the mesh code, it's great stuff.
>> One thing I think should be considered is the following:
>> I find the old face select mode (UV) still more useful than the new
>> face editmode. Why? Because it ignores occluded faces! That's
>> especially useful with border selecting faces.
>> I think now would definitely be the time to include good "ignore
>> occluded" and "hide occluded" options to editmode.
>> Otherwise, it's great.
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