[Bf-committers] SCons rewrite, phase 1

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sat Sep 25 16:29:20 CEST 2004


as you all know we are refactoring our scons implementation, and I've atm
a structural change, which reportedly works on windows, linux and osx. To
get this rewrite/refactor really starting I'd like to commit the changes I
made this weekend, and iron out the glitches today and tomorrow.

This would enable Michel and us to make do the changes Michel has in mind
to battle the option jungle that currently is in our scons implementation.

To get optimal results I'd like cygwin users to test after I have
committed it.

For now I want a go from those who will be working on scons, at least
Jean-Luc, Michel and Stephen.


ps. I'll upload my newest changes in a few minutes to the wiki page on the
scons refactory

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