[Bf-committers] Its time for the CSG transform code

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Wed Sep 22 21:40:16 CEST 2004

Hi, I've reached the point where it's now time to get the CSG nodes to 
work with the transform() system.  However, since it's currently being 
worked on, I can't continue until I know more about how the new system 
is going to work.  In other words: I really need some kind of definitive 
doc on the new transformation system.  Is the one on the Wiki a 
finalized version?  Or is it going to be different then that?

If I have to, I can wait for the new code (how long will that take?).

Right now I've gotten it so you can create a CSG object, and select it's 
individual nodes.  That's about it.  I've also written code to convert 
nodes to TransVerts.  Once I get the transformation code working, I can 
start work on integrating OpenCSG.   BTW, OpenCSG.org has a link to a 
really cool CSG editor for windows.  Try it to see the coolness that is 
real-time editing of CSG hiarchies.

Oh, and I've written a feature proposal doc on the Blenderdev Wiki 
(WikiWord CsgObject, 
http://wiki.blender.org/bin/view.pl/Blenderdev/CsgObject ).  Anyone mind 
if I put a link to it on the Blenderdev webhome?  Do you usually have to 
ask for this kind of thing?

P.S.: I love Blender! :)

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