[Bf-committers] A Blender Education distribution

Mark <line72> Dillavou mlists at charter.net
Wed Sep 22 20:26:04 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 19:56 +0200, Bart wrote:
> Some weeks ago i thought about a complete Blender Dsitribution, 
> including books, scripts, samples, blender tools, addons and blender for 
> different platforms. Something like Suse, Mandrake an Red Hat
> is for Linux.
> But it is a hard work to make this all possible with a nice install GUI 
> where you can select/ install different items/ options etc. .

What about a live cd based off of knoppix ?  It's just a matter of
including blender along with scripts, samples, books, etc, and having an
icon on the desktop.

Or you could use gentoo's catalyst
(http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/catalyst/) to roll your own live
cd pretty easily


> Maybe bundled with different renderers that work with Blender.
> And it is a lot of asking and license questions.
> Jeremy Wall wrote:
> > At my job we manage networks and computers for schools here in
> > illinois and missouri. I am currently building some graphics
> > workstations for one of our schools and will be installing blender on
> > them for the teacher so she can start working on some 3d digital art
> > with her students.
> > 
> > This got me thinking about how useful a distribution of blender
> > designed around education could be. I will be gathering tutorials and
> > instructional material to include with the install. I would be happy
> > to volunteer what I gather and organize toward such a project. I might
> > even be able to coordinate if others where interested in helping out.
> > 
> > To such end I am wondering if there is any interest and if anyone has
> > suggestions on what to include in such a distribution. I hope to be
> > putting together an initial RPM and maybe a windows installer if I get
> > the time to here in the next few weeks. I don't quite have the time to
> > code yet so this is my outlet for contribution :-)
> > 
> > Jeremy Wall aka: zaphar_ps
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