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joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 19 02:13:04 CEST 2004

GSR - FR wrote:

>If you check the lists, there was people asking for ctrl+shift+z "cos
>undo and redo is related and the HIG says shift should be used" (never
>mind that people find it hard on the fingers if you use them like
>people do: undo redo undo redo... until they decide if the change is
>OK or not). There were comments too about asking for writing the HIG
>more clearly, saying that lot of keycombos are suggestions and that
>ctrl+r could be redo. Which I hope they will do someday, cos otherwise
>you will see all apps having the keycombos of browser and word
>processors ("ctrl+b for bold... wait, my app is not about text").
>OT: For those that like ctrl+r in gimp, it can be changed back by
>enabling the dynamic shortcuts.
I think that CTRL-R would be the best.  I have to admit, I hate CTRL-Y.  
But SHIFT-CTRL-Z would work too, IMHO.

P.S.: Thanks for the Gimp tip!

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