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GSR - FR famrom at infernal-iceberg.com
Sat Sep 18 21:27:33 CEST 2004

blender at instinctive.de (2004-09-18 at 1449.30 +0200):
> > I find ctrl-r in Gimp to be better,it isn't quite so far to reach.
> That's old, Gimp 2 switched to CTRL-Y as well.

They did that cos Ctrl+R was refresh (or reload) in web browsers
(right, Gimp has that too... wait, it does not). Which is dumb cos it
is forcing keycombos "cos that other kind of app uses them some other
way". And if you see, it is not even a single thing, it can be refresh
or reload.

If you check the lists, there was people asking for ctrl+shift+z "cos
undo and redo is related and the HIG says shift should be used" (never
mind that people find it hard on the fingers if you use them like
people do: undo redo undo redo... until they decide if the change is
OK or not). There were comments too about asking for writing the HIG
more clearly, saying that lot of keycombos are suggestions and that
ctrl+r could be redo. Which I hope they will do someday, cos otherwise
you will see all apps having the keycombos of browser and word
processors ("ctrl+b for bold... wait, my app is not about text").

OT: For those that like ctrl+r in gimp, it can be changed back by
enabling the dynamic shortcuts.


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