[Bf-committers] SCons Mutilation, part II

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sat Sep 18 02:57:39 CEST 2004


I have been happily hacking away at our fine SCons implementation over the
last few hours, splitting off functionality into different files. This is
perhaps not ultimately the best solution, but at least it makes more sense
as it is now.

Please test the files from the attached .zip. It contains a modified
SConstruct and 7 .py files as 'modules'.

   * bs_globals -> a few globals used through the different files
   * bs_libs -> the function for generating library lists (linking)
   * bs_dirs -> functions that relate to managing the directory stucture
at the packaging stage
   * bs_default -> the 'scons' (default) build target
   * bs_clean -> the 'scons clean' target
   * bs_arc -> the 'scons release' target, which creates a .dmg(?), a .zip
or a .tar.gz
   * bs_nsis -> the 'scons wininst' target, for creating the Windows

I'd like to know if this all still works for you (provided it worked in
the first place ;) I think I've now enabled Cygwin for SCons too, but
haven't tested that.

Further work to be done:
   * add more globals to bs_globals, and initialise properly
   * subtargets: 'scons source/blender', etc.
   * try to find speedups for scons build process.
   * command-line options: for instance something like 'scons
copybin=/home/user/testbin/' to copy only the resulting binary
(binaries) to the location specified.

/Nathan Letwory
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