[Bf-committers] Compiling blender

john tuffen john at namke.com
Thu Sep 16 11:08:31 CEST 2004

Hmmm, I have difficulty too - If I 'make clean' first, 'make' builds correctly;
however a subsequent 'make' fails. This is using cygwin under windows (having
defined FREE_WINDOWS) using the current CVS stream...

I'll post more information later (unless this is a known problem with a known



Quoting Arne Schmitz <arne.schmitz at mmweg.rwth-aachen.de>:

> Hi!
> I don't know, but compiling blender these days seems to be very hard. I'm 
> currently getting the following error:
> Making install in doc
> /bin/sh /home/avatar/compile/blender/extern/solid/missing --run makeinfo   
> -I . \
>  -o solid3.info `test -f 'solid3.texi' || echo './'`solid3.texi
> solid3.texi:1152: @include `gpl.texi': Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht
> gefunden.
> solid3.texi:1154: @include `qpl.texi': Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht
> gefunden.
> I'm using the blender 2.34 source tarball.
> Arne

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