[Bf-committers] Transform Refactoring

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Sep 14 21:39:05 CEST 2004


A couple of notes;

- I miss the 'flow split'; where transform can become handler by making  
an initialize(), doit() and exit() stage. And how an API for this would  

- Generic 'type independance' sounds good, but nevertheless you'll find  
that some types just need complete different handling. Like vertices  
vs. objects, or armature bones. And will we use this for single-value  
editing like weights, path-twisting, etc?

- My previous remark on 'abusing transform()' was serious... but what I  
meant is transform() can become that good that we don't have to abuse  
anymore. :)
I hope a drilling tool then can also use the full power of transform,  
which would be good.

- You're warned Ipos and ActionChannels need to be inserted somehow...  
that's brain-crunch stuff to get right!

- yes you'll need the old values in the struct, it's better not to do  
any incremental stuff, but always transform from fixed start (=old)  

- The MMB workflow suggestion; I'd like to see that... current MMB  
trick works based on largest motion, not closest axis. But it might  

- Quote: "Transformation is always done on the matrix and then  
transfered back"? That's very dangerous... I still have to see the  
first reliable routine to extract size/rot/loc values on a compatible &  
predictable level. Here especially ipo key inserting makes it hard.

- As you might have noticed, the Object has a quat[4] already, it was  
scheduled to be used from some moment in the future... with old eulers  
only optional, or even completely converted.

- What I really miss is the target & result of this work... what is the  


On Sunday, Sep 12, 2004, at 21:14 Europe/Amsterdam, Martin Poirier  

> Added data structure and more coding strategies to the
> Transform Refactoring page in the wiki.
> http://wiki.blender.org/bin/view.pl/Blenderdev/TransformRefactoring
> Reminder for Ton: you wanted to review this.
> Add comments in the comments section if you have any
> (please add your short form signature next to them).
> Martin
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