[Bf-committers] A few questions about Object and ListBase

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 12 09:55:27 CEST 2004

Stephen Swaney wrote:

>For someone who has already decided that Blender's object
>architecture is a complete mess and totally inadequate, you 
>seem to have a lot of questions about the basic data structures.  
>Not to mention a total unfamiliarity with linked lists.
It is inadequate.  It's an attempt to implement an object system in C.  
It's implementationally bad.  Sorry to disappoint you.

>None of which means that these are not good questions, though.
>You might want to find a good book on data structures.  It
>will explain lists and trees and all sorts of other goodies.
Did you write the Blender Object system?  If so, then I'm sorry if I 
offended you, but you have to admit that Blender out-grew it long ago.

Also, I thought I sounded possesive. . .If that offended you, then trust 
me, that's not what I meant. I mean this honestly as an idea, a 
*suggestion*.  And anyway, Blender's Object system IS a mess.  I just 
had a little trouble writing that email. :)

My project to implement a new CSG object has taught me one thing: I. . 
.severly dislike. . .Blender's. . .object. . .system.  I don't mean this 
as insulting, it's simply the truth.  It is C-based, and I believe a 
C++-based library with a C API would at least make the system more 
streamlined.  AND this is an idea, theres not reason why anyone else has 
to use the library. 


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