[Bf-committers] ati slow swap buffer perfomance

john tuffen john at namke.com
Thu Sep 9 11:13:53 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,

 ... well - as you pointed out - it was a while ago (against something like
v2.32?). I can take a look when I get home to where the code is (was?). My
quick hack basically involved removing all of the calls which switched to the
front buffer (thus drawing things to the back buffer), and adding 'swapbuffers'
calls at appropriate places to ensure the content was actually displayed. As I
say, this was a very quick hack, and made menus (in general all of the UI
interaction in fact) much more responsive. The down side was that all of the
calls to 'swapbuffers' caused much flickering in vertex-paint mode (on my
machine). Bringing the build to a different machine to test, I found that all
of the display flickered all of the time... not good at all.

So, I was at the stage where what I actually wanted was a 'swapbuffers' that
only worked on small screen areas - or a different approach entirely.

I'll see what code I can find at home, and email it later...




Quoting Tom Musgrove <tommusgrove__ at hotmail.com>:

> In April and in June there was discussion regarding fixing the slow drawing 
> of menus for ATI cards..
> Specifically John Tuffen had mentioned his personal progress in April, and 
> Ton had mentioned a discussion with Daniel on potential solutions.
> http://www.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2004-April/005784.html
> http://www.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2004-April/005791.html
> http://www.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2004-June/006450.html
> Is there still a plan to fix this issue?
> If not, if John is still around could I see your patch?
> Thanks,
> Tom M.
> LetterRip

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