[Bf-committers] Global Undo Problem

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Mon Sep 6 11:23:50 CEST 2004

Testet last CVS too and got a small problem:

Create a cube, scale it and press U for Undo, The global undo goes back 
two steps (scaling and creation of the cube).

Shodan wrote this about Global Undo:

> Hi,
> I've tested the latest CVS, and i have to say you have made a great job about Undo/redo System, pretty fast.
> I was very happy about a Global Undo, especially i make some time wrong manipulation while i'm tweaking UV and thus... i
> was surprised that UV editor isn't affected by Undo/Redo system.
> So, just a feedback, Maybe are you already fixating this.
> a little question: there is a way to flush Undo/Redo's history?


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