[Bf-committers] Meeting Minutes, September 5, 2004

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sun Sep 5 20:45:08 CEST 2004

Hi all,

   1) script management
      * need someone, or a group of people managing the scripts that are
bundled with Blender: decisions, contact with devs, etc.
         * current team would be: Martin P, Matt E, Stephen S, Willian P,
Nathan L. Ask active script writers to join, too (jms, etc.).
         * short term action points: define goals, set guidelines,
determine resource needs (especially communication channel).
Start this process on bf-python ML.

   2) projects
      * global undo
      * layer manager, Ton reviews on ML
      * S<nop>tretchTo constraint: Martin got patch from Jensen O. Wund,
and cleaned it up on local tree. Help needed on reviewing UI design
(Matt E, Emilia McD, Chris B), but otherwise ready for commit. This
is a 3-step constraint:
         * it stores the "default" length of the object (preferably a
bone, but works with anything, and is tweakable)
         * it points the object to the target (similar to tracking, but
always Y axis tracking)
         * it calculates distance to target and factors in with the old
length to stretch the object (volume preservation)
         * Useful for ie. automatic muscle bulging and simple soft joints
(tube joints, stretching tentables, etc.)
         * volume scaling factor and axis constrainting for scale
      * revision work:
         * transform() (Martin P) Continues to work on wiki
         * Python source code (ident, naming conventions. Willian + Stephen)
            * mid/long term tasks: beautify code (ident), so it adhers to
rest of blender source code layout. Also code review will be
done. As a goal bpython is to be educative as to how to embed
python -> good documentation and well commented. Test
framework improvement (Chris Keith), for now in api2_2x/, but
might be necessary to move elsewhere.
      * physics framework: Ton R + Jensen O. Wund. First review round is
done, code needs to be reintegrated, and will then be handed to
      * anim tool revision: start on blenconf and target for christmas
      * SCons cleanup: rewrite/cleanup starting soon (Nathan L, JeanLuc
P). Also look for optimising building process (divide into
subprojects). Willian mentioned using Python to determine (and get
rid of) unneeded dependencies (he'll play with it with reworking
python api files). dmgit() feature for OS X (compare with zipit())
      * Quit confirmation: Martin P has code for a simple Quit? Cancel |
Confirm box (which will be committed). Discussion on dirty bit (is
file changed after previous save?) for "save before quit"-type quit
dialog, and further discussion on this matter will continue on ML.

   3) patches
      * JeanLuc: colour wire. Ton R would like to rethink this ->
         * object colouring should be and stay user choice and minimal (as
in JeanLucs patch). api can be changed a little in respect to
interference of selected colour
         * layer colouring / layer manager
      * Nathan: theme colour for Draw Normal
      * Joilnen: split window cancelled by RMB

   4) miscellaneous todos
      * feature tracker cleanup. See document on ML started by JeanLuc (
http://jlp.nerim.net/dev/liste%20des%20features%20request.rtf ).
Maybe transfer to wiki.

/Nathan Letwory

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