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Theodore Schundler tschundler at scu.edu
Sun Sep 5 09:24:02 CEST 2004

So did I miss a colcusion to this thread, or was one never reached? If I
remeber, your layer manager lets you color code them, which will also
color code the mini buttons, and make the name of the layer the tooltip
for the mini buttons. And then there was the idea of an always render
layer option for lights. All of those would deffinately be nice

Have those been implemented, and could Alex perhaps make a patch
available? I'd rather just a patch than the full instinctive-blender
tree, since I'm already using my own patched up version of bf-blender.
And regardless if it gets officially integrated, I'd like this.

I think it was hung up on some discussion of using panels. It would seem
to me that since they are the standard way of doing things now and allow
you to have horizonally or vertically arranged buttons windows, so that
solve that problem that was being discussed. So if a patch is made
available, maybe someone could build the panelized version on that,
since as I understand, Alex is anti-panels and doesn't want to code it
that way himself. I don't see any reason why if he doesn't use panels
someone else can't take on that part of it. He can then patch the
official version in his CVS tree to not use them, and everyone else with
the official version can use it the standard way.


>>> blender at instinctive.de 08/17/04 8:51 PM >>>


I've recently developped a Layer Manager in instinctive-blender-2 and
wondered if there is any interest / thoughts in it.

A NICE, THOROUGH PROPOSAL can be found here:


You can be really proud of driving me far enough to write such a
detailed HTML. It took me at least 30 minutes! :-)

Any thoughts on it appreciated.

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