[Bf-committers] Bridge tool

Roel Spruit roel at spruitje.nl
Sun Oct 31 22:19:26 CET 2004


I've done some tests with your tool, here are my finding up to now:

Coding problems:
- Add function to headerfile
- variable declarations are only legal at the beginning of the function or
after a bracket '{'
- addition: do NOT declare an array in the middle of a function (certainly
not sing a previousy assigned value)
- ...can't make more notes on this untill previous problems are fixed

Implementation problems:
- Bridging 2 cubes makes one cube dissapear!
- Not having 2 faces selected gives error message, and then crashes

conclusion...it needs some work, looking forward to your attempts tho
my version of bridge worked, but I got stuck on the way it would work
gui wise.


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Onderwerp: [Bf-committers] Bridge tool

Hey, all. I've just coded one of my favorite mesh
editing tools from wings3d, the bridge/tunnel tool. It
seems pretty solid to me so far.  here's the patch:
http://www.uncg.edu/~zpmorgan/bridge.patch and a
thread on elysiun:

By the way, this is the first serious project i've
ever completed, so lemmie know what it will need, mmkay?

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