[Bf-committers] A mailing list devoted to the future of Blender?

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Sun Oct 31 00:33:35 CEST 2004

Hi.  After thinking on why all past discussions on the design for a 
rewrite of Blender have died, I have come up with the following ideas:

1) Design should be discussed at length before any coding is done, with 
no hurry.  The longer design time there is, the better Blender will be.  
A mailing list should be set up for this purpose, with a coorosponding 
page on the wiki.

2) In my opinion the basic underlying design principles of Blender 
should be preserved; it's mostly the design of the implementation that 
needs a rewrite.  This should be taken into consideration, as I believe 
it's one of the reasons why past proposals have been dismissed virtually 
out of hand (after all, Blender has to stay Blender).

3) Very importantly, I believe that choosing a programming language 
should be done only after a basic design has been chosen.  OO-based 
programming can, after all, be done in Objective-C, C++, Java, and even 
C (with some work).

4) Some of the supporting library code can be reused, and also the new 
transformation code is nice enough that I think it could be ported as 
well, so it isn't as if we should simply write off the current codebase 
and start from scratch.

5) And most importantly. . .No coding!  Not until a basic design has 
been agreed on!

What do you think?


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