[Bf-committers] to Ton: Winged vertex extrude?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Oct 25 15:13:06 CEST 2004


Sure, such vertex extrude is very useful, as it would be for a similar  
edge extrude.
Main problem is that (strict) winged edge data cannot be forced upon  
Blender editmesh, that's tria/quad based, and we do allow non-manifold  
structures as well.

The code however can just temporally convert (of verify) the wing  
pointers to be OK, perfom the extrude tricks, and convert things back.  
Or warn for non-manifoldness.

It *is* brain fry stuff, i can imagine. My preference would be not to  
have this in the upcoming release (we move to cvs freeze soon) and work  
on this later on.

And of course, try to get this accepted in the tuhopuu project! It's  
there exactly for this reason, trying out new features, to experiment  
and mature.


On 23 Oct, 2004, at 4:56, joeedh wrote:

> Hi.  I have almost finished winged vertex extrude.  However. . .do you  
> want it?  I mean, I've spent hours working on this stupid thing, and  
> written about a half-dozen new functions, but I'm still wondering if  
> this is something that would be included when I finish it.
> Winged extrusion is a very complicated thing, especially with the  
> current EditMesh implementation.  Vertex extrusion works by:
> 1. Convert the faces surrounding a vertex to triangles.
> 2. Split all the edges surrounding the vertex, to make a kind of  
> circle.
> 3. Make faces between the split edges and the vert.
> (wow, it sounds so simple when put like that. .  .my brain feels  
> fried).
> Edge extrusion, which I havn't started yet, would work similarily to  
> this.  Oh, and I've had to add 'adjedges' and 'adjfaces' lists to the  
> EditVert structure, that stores the surrounding edges and faces for  
> each vert.
> joeedh.
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