[Bf-committers] AVI codec?

john tuffen john at namke.com
Mon Oct 25 12:14:02 CEST 2004

  Thanks to the ATI fix, I have been doing much more work in Blender (and the
sound fix!! When did *that* happen?? - I used to get broken up sound, now it's
perfect. Maybe a side-effect of the ATI fix?)

Anyway (back to the point): I've got an animation of 2600 frames; and wish to
render it - I tried AVI Raw, but wasn't able to open the resulting 3+ gig file
(either in media-player or my video-editing s/w (Vegas)); also tried AVI-Jpeg
(can open the file, but it's not the greatest quality even at '100'). So, I
thought I'd try AVI-Codec. However, if I do, there is no 'codec' button (As the
manual suggests there should be) so I cannot choose a codec to use...

This is on Windows, using a Blender built from CVS about four days ago. I have
used the codec option before (early 2.3x) on the same machine.

Any hints? Don't know if I should put this in the bug-tracker as it's a CVS
build :)




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