[Bf-committers] UI Rotation enhancement.

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 18 22:08:47 CEST 2004

--- Matt Ebb <matt at mke3.net> wrote:

> When you've got a scene set up, moving things
> around, and you want to 
> get a better view at another side of a specific
> object, or maybe a 
> group of sub-objects like verts. Right now in
> Blender, it involves a 
> lot of translate view, translate view, rotate view,
> rotate view, to try 
> and get a nice view again.

The translate part is just one nice press of Period on
the numpad. The rotate part in the case of mesh
polygons is numpad *.

I wouldn't call that lots.

> Another time when it's useful is if you have a BIG
> scene - you can 
> select an object far off in the distance and orbit
> around that, to get 
> a complete view from the other side, where as if you
> try that in 
> Blender, the stuff on the other side of the scene
> will just rotate out 
> of view.

I've been scratching my head for a while here, but I
really can't understand the situation you were
describing. :|

> Well, to play the devil's advocate, what's so good
> about having a 
> centred pivot point? It's kind of arbitrary since
> what you're looking 
> at or working on may not always be in the centre of
> the screen.

Well, my reasoning goes a little like this:

When I'm working on something, I want it to fill the
screen to maximize screen estate. That more or less
forces me to center that "something" (an object, part
of an object, a scene, ...) on the screen. Then,
orbiting always keep what I'm working on in the
It sounds like a simple UI principle to me that you'd
want to use your work space as much as possible.

Or is that why they make 21" screens, so I can work on
a tiny corner and still be able to see properly? ;)

Now, don't understand this like I'm against orbit
around selection, I'm not. I just don't see why I'd
use it (which doesn't exclude it's usefulness to


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