[Bf-committers] Another idea: Toons and edges

Meino Christian Cramer Meino.Cramer at gmx.de
Wed Oct 13 06:19:21 CEST 2004


 "Toon" is a nice shader and the current feature of "marking" the
 edges is a good tool.

 For technical usage the following configurable options would be a
 nice addition:

 -- take the camera as the only )spot) light source into account,
    automatically switch off all other lights.

 -- all "edges" (I put this into "'s, cause in the following way of
	useing this word, a sphere has also an "edge"... and to
	distinguish them from real edges for example of a cube), which
	throughs a shadow (and therefore are the "source" for that shadow
	are marked with a line of uniform but user-configurable thickness
	and color -- independantly of what material, color or object they

 -- Real edges are marked with a line of confurable color and
    thickness anyway and idependantly of their role as shadow-casters.

 -- "Edges" and edges, which throws shadows on that object they are
    part of, have another configurable color as those "edges" which
    throws shadows on other odbjects.

 -- For the ease of usage there could be another "null"-shader, which
    paints anything in a uniform color without specular lights,
    shadows and all the other nice tricks to make normally an object
    more "real". This can be achieved with the tweaked settings of the
    current available shaders, but would be easier to use if there
    would be a specialized shader available for this task.

 This way, a 3D "parc of objects" could easily be converted into a
 kind of "technical drawing" of nice (thin) lines. 

 I read the toon shadeing tutorial and the one paragraph about the
 toon shader in the Blender 2.3 Guide. 

 I didn't find a way to achieve the effects, which may be possible
 with what I described above.

 Since all parameters shoudl be available from the renderer (knowing
 what throws a shadow on what), it may be implementable.

 Comments are welcome! :O)

 Keep rendering !

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