[Bf-committers] circle select problems

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Tue Oct 12 19:54:24 CEST 2004

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
>> - start blender
>> - TAB on cube
>> - W, Subdivide
>> - W, Subdivide
>> - B, B
>> - move mouse, circle shows trails
> And without subdivide no trails? Need it two times? Is any menu 
> called  sufficient for the error? Like W, ESC? Or Q, ESC?
> This is stuff I cannot redo, so you have to disect what exactly 
> causes  the error.
> -Ton-

Well, the latest CVS build won't compile, so I don't know if its still 
actually doing this, but. . .

I've experienced this bug too.  I have a GeForce2 MX/200, on Windows XP 
with the latest NVidia drivers.  Circle select will work fine, then 
start leaving "trails" after a while (don't know what makes it start).  
My build is from CVS as of three days ago.


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