[Bf-committers] Finally, a working patch

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sun Oct 3 22:27:31 CEST 2004


the patch finally applied ok, but there were problems compiling, so I
dived in after all. Now a few technical comments:

* don't introduce new variables in the middle of a function (unless it's
at the start of a statement block). Where this might be acceptable for C++
it is not for a few C compilers. So you should move EditFace *workface; to
the beginning of the function, along with the rest. Make sure you don't
start using expressions before everything necessary has been declared.
After that has been cleared up, it compiles fine.
* use the coding style:
http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Coding_Style.141.0.html to write your code
and patches. In your case, use hard-tabs instead of soft-tabs/spaces for

I did a bit of cleaning and I have the following patch:

Anyway, it is quite a handy one, even if there is some odd mousebehaviour.
See http://www.letwory.net/tutes/individual_faceextrude.htm for an
example. Notice how I have to move my mouse up, to extrude the face


> Nathan Letwory wrote:
>>Actually attaching the patch would help also ;)
> lol, that's so funny can't believe I forgot that.

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